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James Murphy G. College Student Alcohol Abuse. A Guide to Assessment, Intervention, and Prevention

Essential evidence-based strategies for the prevention and reduction of alcohol abuse among college students With contributions from notable substance abuse researchers, this practical guide presents clear strategies for prevention of and interventions for alcohol abuse in the college-age population. Ranging from community-based prevention programs to individual, motivational, and interview-based approaches, College Student Alcohol Abuse explores: The leading theories used to conceptualize college student drinking and related problems, with an emphasis on the clinical implications of each perspective Epidemiology of student drug use—including illicit drugs and nonmedical use of prescription drugs The spectrum of empirically supported prevention programs with a focus on best practices and materials How to conduct assessments and create intervention programs for students with substance abuse problems A must-have resource for every college administrator, resident staff member, and addiction counselor who works with this unique population, College Student Alcohol Abuse translates the latest research findings and interventions into clear and evidence-based strategies for assessing and treating college students who are abusing alcohol.

3552.02 РУБ



Larry Cohen Prevention Is Primary. Strategies for Community Well Being

The new edition of Prevention Is Primary provides models, methods, and approaches for building health and equity in communities. This comprehensive book includes the theory, concepts, and models needed to harness social justice and practice primary prevention of unnecessary illness and injury. Ideal for students as well as practitioners, this thoroughly revised and updated second edition combines an overview of advances in the field with effective approaches in the current economic and health care climate. With contributions from noted experts, Prevention Is Primary shows practical applications of intervention science to social and health problems and issues facing at-risk and vulnerable groups. The book describes the overarching framework and principles guiding prevention efforts, including a focus on social justice and health equity, and community resilience. It explores the transition from prevention theory to implementation and practice and from interdisciplinary collaboration to evaluation. Highlighting the books usefulness as a teaching and learning tool, Prevention Is Primary has real world examples, learning objectives, and review questions for each chapter.

6161.19 РУБ



Mary McMurran Alcohol-Related Violence. Prevention and Treatment

New in the Wiley Series in Forensic Clinical Psychology, Alcohol-Related Violence: Prevention and Treatment presents an authoritative collection of the most recent assessment and treatment strategies for alcohol-related aggression and violence. Features contributions from leading international academics and practitioners Offers invaluable guidance for practitioners regarding intervention to reduce alcohol-related aggression and violence Describes evidence-based interventions at a number of levels, including populations, bar room, families, couples, and individuals

9285.8 РУБ



Rey Joseph Young People and Alcohol. Impact, Policy, Prevention, Treatment

Young People and Alcohol is a practical and comprehensive reference for professionals and researchers in the field of alcohol misuse who work with people aged 12 to 25 years. The book provides readers from a range of professional backgrounds with authoritative and up to date information about the effects of alcohol use in the young and, particularly, its management, with an emphasis on interventions whose effectiveness is supported by evidence. Written by an internationally renowned team of contributors, chapters span five key sections: The Phenomenon and Impact of Youth Drinking; Neurobiology; Prevention and Early Intervention; Assessment and Diagnosis; and Treatment. FEATURES Focus is on treatment, relating the science to everyday clinical practice. Evidence-based List of further resources Tables and flowcharts Glossary of key terms and abbreviations

5405.61 РУБ



Anne McCune ABC of Alcohol

The misuse of alcohol presents both individual physical and psychological problems as well as wider social consequences. Alcohol misuse is a frequent cause of attendance in accident and emergency departments and an underlying factor in a range of long term and chronic conditions commonly treated and managed within primary care settings. This expanded fifth edition includes new chapters on alcohol and the young person, alcohol related liver disease, neurological problems, alcohol and the older person, alcohol and cancer, and the alcohol nurse specialist. There is also improved coverage of the role of alcohol health workers, and guidance on the availability of voluntary alcohol services more generally, and the concluding resources chapter provides further guidance on how to access appropriate services. It incorporates current NICE guidelines, the Government’s Alcohol Strategy 2012, as well as case study scenarios and examples of best practice throughout. From a new editor and a multidisciplinary contributor team, ABC of Alcohol is a practical guide for general practitioners, family physicians, practice nurses, primary healthcare professionals as well as for junior doctors, medical and nursing students. This title is also available as a mobile App from MedHand Mobile Libraries. Buy it now from iTunes, Google Play or the MedHand store.

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Peter Morin J. Community Ecology

Community ecology: the study of the patterns and processes involving two or more species – has developed rapidly in the last two decades, driven by new and more sophisticated research techniques, advances in mathematical theory and modeling, and the increasing pressure on the environment wrought by humans. Once a purely descriptive science, it is now one of the most forward-looking areas of scientific inquiry. Morin skillfully guides the reader through the main tenets and central concepts of community ecology – competition, predation, food webs, indirect effects, habitat selection, diversity, and succession. In an attempt to introduce the reader to the most balanced coverage possible, Morin includes examples drawn from both the aquatic and terrestrial realm and from both plant and animal species. Balancing theory with experimentation and drawing on exciting new studies to complement the historical foundations of the discipline, he also stresses that both the empirical and theoretical approaches are necessary to drive ecology foward into the new millenium. The final chapter on applied community ecology ably demonstrates how community ecological processes have a wide environmental relevance. Although in its infancy, the application of community ecology to emerging problems in human-dominated ecosystems could mitigate problems as diverse as management strategies for important diseases transmitted by animals and the restoration and reconstruction of viable communities. Required reading for all students and practitioners interested in community phenomena, Community Ecology marks an important contribution to the development of this protean discipline. The first serious textbook for a decade on one of the keystone subdisciplines of ecology. Broad taxonomic and habitat coverage. Section on implications of community ecology for environmental issues.

7610.62 РУБ



Amy Salmon Prevention of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder FASD. Who is responsible?

Exposing a developing embryo or fetus to alcohol can produce life long brain damage with neurological, cognitive and behavioural consequences. The implications of fetal alcohol spectrum disorder for the affected individual and the family are devastating. The social and economic burden to society is enormous with formidable expenditures in health care, mental health care, education, social services and possibly correctional services. Prevention has been a goal since the condition was medically described and defined forty years ago, but has remained elusive but feasible. This book reviews the evidence for effective strategies. It lays out what needs to be done. The book should be of great value to policy makers, clinicians, researchers and others advocating for action against this condition that is reducing the potential of our society and sapping its resources.

10147.85 РУБ



Idier Jérôme Regularization and Bayesian Methods for Inverse Problems in Signal Image Processing

The focus of this book is on «ill-posed inverse problems». These problems cannot be solved only on the basis of observed data. The building of solutions involves the recognition of other pieces of a priori information. These solutions are then specific to the pieces of information taken into account. Clarifying and taking these pieces of information into account is necessary for grasping the domain of validity and the field of application for the solutions built. For too long, the interest in these problems has remained very limited in the signal-image community. However, the community has since recognized that these matters are more interesting and they have become the subject of much greater enthusiasm. From the application field’s point of view, a significant part of the book is devoted to conventional subjects in the field of inversion: biological and medical imaging, astronomy, non-destructive evaluation, processing of video sequences, target tracking, sensor networks and digital communications. The variety of chapters is also clear, when we examine the acquisition modalities at stake: conventional modalities, such as tomography and NMR, visible or infrared optical imaging, or more recent modalities such as atomic force imaging and polarized light imaging.

11421.65 РУБ



Egon Jonsson Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder. Management and Policy Perspectives of FASD

Reflecting the recent increased public awareness of the topic, this is the first and most comprehensive resource for over a decade on the molecular basis, prevalence, treatment options, socioeconomic impact and prevention strategies of FADS. Edited by world-renowned experts, this compendium includes the latest research results to provide new insights and realistic estimations of FADS frequencies in Western communities. An invaluable resource for every professional dealing with the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of FADS, from researchers via health professionals to social workers.

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Ludmila Naumova NP=P? Algorithms for solving NP-problems by matrix method in Scilab program

We know the problems of combinatorics, such as the problem of permutations, combinations, placement, represented by the corresponding formulas. But these formulas only give us the number of solutions, not the solutions themselves. There were no common standard algorithms for solving these types of problems. These types of problems with large numbers can be referred to NP problems. But with the help of Scilab program typical algorithms of such problems are revealed and solutions are given.

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Босоножки · Ботфорты · Ботильоны · Ботинки · Дутики и луноходы · Эспадрильи · Лоферы · Мокасины и топсайдеры · Мюли и сабо · Резиновая обувь ...

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Балетки Артикул: Арт.175. 911,06 р. Оригинальные женские балетки. Очень удобные и качественные! 35. ... Оригинальные женские балетки. Очень удобные и качественные! 35.

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Кеды И Кроссовки Балетки Ботинки Челси Мокасины Полусапоги И Высокие Ботинки Сандалии Сапоги Туфли Эспадрильи. Наличие. В наличии ...

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Даем бесплатный совет где купить preventi балетки недорого, цену выбираешь сам среди 100 лучших интернет-магазинов. А так же скидки и акции! ... Замшевая ткань<br>Без аппликаций<br>Одноцветное изделие<br>Скругленный носок<br>Без каблука<br>Внутри кожа<br>Подошва из кожи и резины<br>Содержит нетекстильные части животного происхождения<br>. Сервис ФИФА16.РФ может помочь купить preventi балетки, перво-наперво выбрав наилучшую стоимость.


Рассказываем о том, где купить женские эспадрильи в Москве: 899 вещей в 48 магазинах. Последние коллекции и вещи со скидками. ... Лучшие предложения на одной странице — мы собрали женские эспадрильи из 48 интернет-магазинов с доставкой в Москву. Выбирайте, сохраняйте и заказывайте. 900 женских эспадрилий, фильтр товаров: Эспадрильи Findlay. 4 999 руб. Купить на Lamoda.ru.

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Таблица размеров. Балетки. Таблицу можно свайпить в сторону. Итальянский (IT). Американский (US). Английский (UK). Международный (INT). Японский (JPN). ... Товар добавлен в корзину. LOUIS VUITTON. Балетки. Размер: 41 EU. 19 000 ₽. Продолжить покупки. Оформить заказ. 0. Предложить свою цену. Предложить свою цену. LOUIS VUITTON.

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Кожаные балетки черного цвета Aya. 5 700 Rub. Slide 1 of 6. ... Балетки Vagabond - происхождение бренда: Швеция - производство: Вьетнам - модель: Aya - материал: верх — натуральная кожа, подкладка и стелька — натуральная кожа, текстиль, подошва — искусственный материал - сезон: мульти - особенности модели: втачная стелька - цвет: черный. Артикул: 4721-001-20. Доставка и возврат.

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Найдите 59 товары от Preventi на Listupp. Воспользуйтесь Listupp и измените свое представление об интернет-шоппинге. ... Обувь Балетки и мокасины Кеды Младенцы Сандалии Сапоги и полусапоги Спортивная обувь Тапочки. Одежда Брюки и леггинсы Вязаные и флисовые изделия Джинсы Нижнее белье Пальто и куртки Платья Пляж Рубашки Спортивная одежда Спортивные куртки Футболки и топы Юбки. Приобрести.

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Женские эспадрильи - модели 2018 года! Известные торговые марки и бренды по лучшей цене.

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Купить темно-коричневые мужские эспадрильи. ❤ 6 товаров в ... Toni Pons Эспадрильи в полоску. плотная ткань ... Preventi Эспадрильи. кожа, без ...

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... доставка 0 руб по РФ. Выгодно купить мужскую обувь PREVENTI по цене от 2700 рублей. ... Yoox. Эспадрильи PREVENTI 11590775PP. PREVENTI ...

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Мужские эспадрильи Preventi из коллекции 2018 по цене от 6 995 руб. купить в интернет-магазине ЦУМ. Онлайн каталог, быстрая и удобная доставка, ...

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PIROUETTE - Балетки - 1391. Купить оптом в магазине! Обувь для танцев - Балетки с доставкой. ... PIROUETTE - Балетки. Производитель: Grand Prix (Украина) Артикул: BLS10xx. Срок пошива ориентировочно 4 недели.

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Женские мокасины и эспадрильи из парчи — 22 товара в каталоге по цене от 3200 рублей. Все размеры, большие скидки и доставка по всей России.

Community prevention of alcohol problems. PREVENTI Балетки

PREVENTI Балетки. Нет подходящих товаров. попробуйте смягчить условия поиска. ... PREVENTI Балетки. без аппликаций, одноцветное изделие, скругленный носок, без каблука, внутри кожа, кожаная подошва, содержит нетекстильные части животного происхождения, нубук. Пользуется спросом!

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Эспадрильи Paez. Показано 46 из 46. Обувь. Эспадрильи (46). Бренды. Paez (46). ... Размеры в наличии: 35.0 40.0. Эспадрильи Paez NAVY (Red). 4200.00 р 2520.00 р. Размеры в наличии

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Эспадрильи женские Havaianas Eles Origine Ballerina Navy/Green · Шлепанцы женские ... LAURA BIAGIOTTI Эспадрильи .... PREVENTI Обувь на шнурках

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Preventi эспадрильи. Loading, please wait... Популярное. ... PREVENTI Эспадрильи. кожа, без аппликаций, одноцветное изделие, скругленный носок, без каблука, внутри кожа,… PREVENTI / похожие товары. 7050 руб. 8460 руб. (73) | Заказы (663).

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Балетки Renzi S37641. 11 650 руб. Renzi. ... Балетки Renzi S36112. 15 750 руб. Renzi. 37. 40. Балетки Renzi S36111. 14 350 руб. Renzi.

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Preventi эспадрильи купить по низкой цене. Afin d'améliorer sa culture de prévention, NGE Fondations est accompagnée par l'OPPBTP et l'Icsi. La démarche ...

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Купить по низкой цене preventi балетки. PREVENTI Балетки. 2450 RUB. Похожее. PREVENTI Балетки. 13050 RUB. Похожее. PREVENTI Балетки. 7350 RUB. Похожее. PREVENTI Балетки. 8100 RUB. Похожее. PREVENTI Полусапоги и высокие ботинки. 6350 RUB. Похожее. PREVENTI Сандалии. 24500 RUB. Похожее. PREVENTI Сандалии. 7100 RUB. Похожее. PREVENTI Мокасины. 7650 RUB. Похожее. PREVENTI Обувь на шнурках. 18900 RUB. Похожее. PREVENTI Сандалии. 9250 RUB. Похожее.

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PREVENTI Эспадрильи купить в Салавате по выгодной цене на salavat.sohobar56.ru.

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Купить эспадрильи Мужские с бесплатной доставкой по Москве и всей России. Мужские эспадрильи больших ... Эспадрильи Preventi больших размеров.


PREVENTI Балетки. Нет подходящих товаров. попробуйте смягчить условия поиска. ... PREVENTI Балетки. без аппликаций, одноцветное изделие, скругленный носок, без каблука, внутри кожа, кожаная подошва, содержит нетекстильные части животного происхождения, нубук. Пользуется спросом!

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Женская обувь Preventi. 128 товаров найдено в каталоге Preventi. Preventi. Сапоги68. Мокасины35. ... PREVENTI Полусапоги и высокие ботинки. 2 700 руб. PREVENTI Полусапоги и высокие ботинки. 9 300 руб. PREVENTI Низкие кеды и кроссовки. 12 600 руб. PREVENTI Полусапоги и высокие ботинки. 9 000 руб. PREVENTI Туфли. 12 250 руб. yoox.com. PREVENTI Низкие кеды и кроссовки. 9 000 руб. yoox.com. PREVENTI Сандалии. 7 600 руб. yoox.com.

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Купить Preventi туфли на «Colinz.RU» и правильно сравнить по цене и т.п. Доставка товара. Новости сервиса. Контакты. ... Вы разглядели преискурант, который вам даст найти и прикупить Preventi туфли , простейше для вас в москве, самаре, в спб, ростове на дону, нижнем новгороде, казани, волгограде и в др. города по надобным характеристикам. Предлагаем вам таких доброкачественных изготавителей, как Preventi, а так же такие модели, как туфли, сандалии.

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женские балетки 36 37 38 и выкупаем! 6 минут назад. 4. https://www.mam4.ru/profile/post/752597/. Подписаться. пост виден всем. Другие посты автора.

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Балетки. Сравнить цены и купить онлайн в интернет магазине.

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Купить Женские Коричневые Эспадрильи New Look. ... See By Chloe - Эспадрильи На Платформе Эспадрильи На Платформе .... Preventi - Эспадрильи ...

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Сравни цены в категории « Мужские эспадрильи PREVENTI » - от 6500 руб до 14000 руб в магазинах YOOX. Актуальные модели 2018-2019гг. Вы всегда ...

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Эспадрильи. Вернуться в Обувь. Очистить фильтр. ... Эспадрильи PaezЭспадрильи Paez Happy Classics Peach Артикул: FL000038111. 3 700 2 220 Р. 2220 RUB.

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Купить балетки женские – значит, приобрести универсальную, удобную и красивую обувь. Она идеально подходит под разные наряды и любое настроение. ... Балетки купить в интернет-магазине BevanyShoes.ru можно разных цветов и стилей. А самое главное, что в каталоге представлен широкий размерный ряд, поэтому и обладательницы нестандартных стоп найдут для себя что-нибудь интересное. Почему балетки так популярны у дам с самыми разными вкусами?

Авто, мото Ижевск Подбор товаров

Авто, мото Ижевск Подбор товаров. Лучшие предложения на рынке.

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Выбирайте женские туфли и покупайте по выгодным ценам в интернет-магазинах с доставкой в ваш город. Модные коллекции 2019 года. Скидки и ...

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Балетки velvet, в москве ASA 25 L PC цены. 7.0. ... Прекрасные балетки от бренда VelVet дополнят Ваш стильный образ. Модель из высококачественного текстиля черного цвета украшена декоративным бантом с подвесом. Подкладка и стелька из текстиля подарят комфорт и легкость при носке. Цены на Балетки velvet, в москве 19.02.2019. BASHMAG. Прекрасные балетки от бренда VelVet дополнят Ваш стильный образ.


Балетки crocs cr014awarrh5: купить с бесплатной доставкой по России. Более 218380 моделей в наличии. ... Балетки Crocs. Цвет: коричневый. Материал: полимер.Сезон: Весна-лето 2018. С бесплатной доставкой и примеркой на Lamoda. Сабо CROCS CR014AUWLP94. 2 110 руб.・5 299 руб. Подробнее➟.

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Glami.ru Женское Обувь Балетки Preventi Preventi Балетки Preventi Обувь. Preventi обувь. Preventi обувь. Preventi. Распродано. Описание Похожие товары. Кожа Без аппликаций Двухцветный узор Квадратный носок Без каблука Без подкладки Кожаная подошва Содержит нетекстильные части животного происхождения. Мы выбрали для вас похожие товары.

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Балетки из Италии в каталоге распродаж интернет магазина в Москве предлагаются со скидкой до 70%.Сайт продает итальянские балетки летние,осенние из натуральной кожи и замши прошлых коллекций по низким ценам.

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СКЛАДНЫЕ БАЛЕТКИ Примета современности – складные балетки. Если ваши ножки устали от высоких каблуков, или вам важно удобство при вождении автомобиля, на помощь придут балетки. Благодаря компактной упаковке они поместятся в любой сумочке. Тканевая упаковка на молнии легко превращается во вместительную торбу. Снейк. СКЛАДНЫЕ БАЛЕТКИ Примета современности – складные балетки.

Preventi - 1,715 photos - Clothing (brand)

Preventi. 3,976 likes · 1 talking about this. Handcrafted shoes for global nomads like you. https://shop.wearepreventi.com. ... The history of Preventi starts in Alicante, Spain, where a family owned company that produces shoes ... See more. CommunitySee all.

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Широкий ассортимент недорогих мужских эспадрилий Replay в интернет-магазине по лучшим ценам.

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Балетки PREVENTI со скидками до 100% и доставкой по России ✈✈✈. В наличии 4 товара. ... Интернет магазин МартГуру представляет вам женскую обувь Женские балетки известного и популярного бренда PREVENTI. Подбирайте и покупайте обувь по выгодным ценам при помощи сортировки "по цене" а также ослеживайте скидки и распродажи Женские балетки PREVENTI.

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Мокасины Preventi. от 8 300 руб. Подробнее ... Эспадрильи Espadrilles. от 2 100 руб. Подробнее ... Эспадрильи Dolce & Gabbana. от 14 550 руб.

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... Обувь на шнурках · Разное · Сабо · Сандалии · Сапоги и полусапоги · Сланцы, шлепанцы, вьетнамки · Слипоны · Тапочки · туфли · Угги · Эспадрильи.

Yumary Ruiz-Janecko Community-Based Health Interventions

Community-Based Health Interventions covers the skills necessary to change health in a community setting through the reduction of disease, disease conditions, and risks to health, as well as create a supportive environment for the maintenance of the behavior changes. The first section provides background information about why interventions in communities are important, the history of several major community interventions, ethical issues in the design and implementation of interventions and the different types of interventions. The second section covers planning and activities needed to complete an intervention, along with the theoretical basis of interventions. The third section shows how to assess the needs and strengths of a particular community, gain community support, define the goals of an intervention and get started. This section also contains information on obtaining material and financial support and on strategies for continuing the intervention beyond its initial phase. The final section examines current work and problems encountered as well as projecting future trends. Each chapter includes practice exercises or activities useful to students learning to develop interventions at the population or community level, such as public health, social work and nursing.

5437.04 РУБ



Allan Beane L. Bullying Prevention for Schools. A Step-by-Step Guide to Implementing a Successful Anti-Bullying Program

A Step-by-Step Guide to Implementing a Successful ANTI-BullyING Program Bullying can be found in every school system, school, and classroom. It is destructive to the well-being of students, creates unsafe schools, and impacts learning. School personnel, parents, and others are increasingly realizing the importance of putting effective anti-bullying strategies and policies in place that will create safe, caring, and peaceful schools where all students feel a sense of belonging and acceptance. Based on Allan L. Beanes proven Bully Free7reg; Program, Bullying Prevention for Schools is a step-by-step guide to implementing an anti-bullying program in individual schools or throughout a district. In Bullying Prevention for Schools, Dr. Beane details how to: Implement training for school personnel and volunteers and awareness sessions for students, parents, and the community Establish policies, rules, behavioral expectations, discipline rubrics, and response plans Prepare intervention and prevention strategies Develop a plan to actively include, involve, and empower students, parents, and the community And much more Bullying Prevention for Schools also contains a wealth of reproducible documents and forms, such as surveys, statement sheets, and intervention questionnaires.

3045.77 РУБ



Keith Kroll Fostering the Liberal Arts in 21st-Century Community College. New Directions for Colleges, Number 163

Liberal arts education is one of the founding missions of community colleges. However, it has drifted toward vocational training to such an extent that the dominant narrative of the 21st-century community college portrays a job (re)training center more than an educational institution. This volume offers a timely, much-needed, and persuasive argument for the importance of a liberal arts education, particularly in the humanities, for all students attending a public, comprehensive community college. The Landscape of the Liberal Arts What Happened to the Liberal Arts? Two-Year Humanities A President’s View on the Importance of the Liberal Arts in Community Colleges Why Community College Students Need Great Books Discovering History at the Community College Why Community Colleges Need the Academic Study of Religion How Interdisciplinary Liberal Arts Programs Prepare Students for Workforce and Life A 21st-Century Humanities for the Community College Sources on Liberal Arts in the Community College This is the 163rd volume of this Jossey-Bass higher education quarterly report series, an essential guide for presidents, vice presidents, deans, and other leaders in todays open-door institutions, this quarterly provides expert guidance in meeting the challenges of their distinctive and expanding educational mission.

2101.64 РУБ



Maureen Fordham Framing Community Disaster Resilience

An essential guide to the foundations, research and practices of community disaster resilience Framing Community Disaster Resilience offers a guide to the theories, research and approaches for addressing the complexity of community resilience towards hazardous events or disasters. The text draws on the activities and achievements of the project emBRACE: Building Resilience Amongst Communities in Europe. The authors identify the key dimensions of resilience across a range of disciplines and domains and present an analysis of community characteristics, networks, behaviour and practices in specific test cases. The text contains an in-depth exploration of five test cases whose communities are facing impacts triggered by different hazards, namely: river floods in Germany, earthquakes in Turkey, landslides in South Tyrol, Italy, heat-waves in London and combined fluvial and pluvial floods in Northumberland and Cumbria. The authors examine the data and indicators of past events in order to assess current situations and to tackle the dynamics of community resilience. In addition, they put the focus on empirical analysis to explore the resilience concept and to test the usage of indicators for describing community resilience. This important text: Merges the forces of research knowledge, networking and practices in order to understand community disaster resilience Contains the results of the acclaimed project Building Resilience Amongst Communities in Europe – emBRACE Explores the key dimensions of community resilience Includes five illustrative case studies from European communities that face various hazards Written for undergraduate students, postgraduates and researchers of social science, and policymakers, Framing Community Disaster Resilience reports on the findings of an important study to reveal the most effective approaches to enhancing community resilience. The emBRACE research received funding from the European Community‘s Seventh Framework Programme FP7/2007-2013 under grant agreement n° 283201. The European Community is not liable for any use that may be made of the information contained in this publication.

7833.02 РУБ



Reed Matthew Confessions of a Community College Administrator

Written by Matthew Reed, the formerly anonymous author of Inside Higher Eds most popular blog, Confessions of a Community College Dean, this book offers keen insights, a frank discussion, and suggested solutions for the many issues that are unique to community college administration. In Confessions of a Community College Administrator Reed describes the current landscape of community college leadership and addresses some of the fundamental questions that face community colleges. Who does a community college actually serve? How do administrators really make budget decisions? Where do the roots of the «permanent crisis» in higher education lie? How are full-time and adjunct faculty best balanced? Throughout the book, Reed offers guidance and encouragement for the next generation of community college leaders. He examines a set of proposed solutions from outside academia, then turns to other solutions emerging from inside the community college world that also show potential for success. Confessions of a Community College Administrator is filled with realistic, and ultimately hopeful, advice on how to step back from the day-to-day administrative struggles and gain some perspective on the larger picture. Reed offers administrators useful and productive directions for constructive change.

3045.77 РУБ



Michael Young R. Financial Fraud Prevention and Detection. Governance Effective Practices

Step-by-step guidance for board members and executives on preventing and detecting accounting fraud In the wake of highly publicized allegations of accounting irregularities and fraudulent financial reporting that are shaking up todays corporate community, Financial Fraud Prevention and Detection provides a step-by-step guide to how these crises can envelop a company and how to prevent them from happening in the first place. It is written for almost everyone involved: outside directors, audit committee members, senior executives, CFOs, CPAs, in-house lawyers, and outside law firms. Provides a blueprint for Fraud Prevention and Detection for corporate executives Presents step-by-step guidance to corporate boards and C-suite executives on managing the threat of accounting fraud Prepares directors and executives for the possibility of accounting irregularities Answers the question of how accounting fraud starts—and grows With solid strategies for prevention of accounting fraud as well as a process to follow when fraud has been discovered, Financial Fraud Prevention and Detection vividly explores the corporate environment that causes fraud, how it spreads, the kind of crises it can create for a company, and the best ways to deal with it.

6662.63 РУБ



Rosalind Eeles A. Cancer Prevention and Screening. Concepts, Principles Controversies

Cancer Prevention and Screening offers physicians and all clinical healthcare professionals a comprehensive, useful source of the latest information on cancer screening and prevention with both a global and a multidisciplinary perspective. Includes background information on epidemiology, cancer prevention, and cancer screening, for quick reference Offers the latest information for clinical application of the most recent techniques in prevention and screening of all major and many lesser cancer types Emphasises the importance of multidisciplinary teamwork in cancer screening Highlights frequent dilemmas and difficulties encountered during cancer screening Provides clear-cut clinical strategies for optimal patient education, communication, and compliance with cancer prevention techniques

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Henrie Treadwell M. Health Issues in the Black Community

Health Issues in the Black Community THIRD EDITION «The outstanding editors and authors of Health Issues in the Black Community have placed in clear perspective the challenges and opportunities we face in working to achieve the goal of health equity in America.» —David Satcher, MD, PhD, 16th Surgeon General of the United States and director, Satcher Health Leadership Institute at Morehouse School of Medicine «Eliminating health disparities must be a central goal of any forward thinking national health policy. Health Issues in the Black Community makes a valuable contribution to a much-needed dialogue by focusing on the challenges of the black community.» —Marc Morial, Esq., president, National Urban League «Health Issues in the Black Community illuminates comprehensively the range of health conditions specifically affecting African Americans, and the health disparities both within the black community and between racial and ethnic groups. Each chapter, whether addressing the health of African Americans by age, gender, type of disease, condition or behavior, is well-detailed and tells an important story. Together, they offer practitioners, consumers, scholars, and policymakers a crucial roadmap to address and change the social determinants of health, reduce disparities, and create more equal treatment for all Americans.» —Risa Lavizzo-Mourey, MD, MBA, president, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation «I recommend Health Issues in the Black Community as a must-read for anyone concerned about the future of the African American community. Health disparities continues to be one of the major issues confronting the black community. This book will help to highlight the issues and keep attention focused on the work to be done.» – Elsie Scott, PhD, president of the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation «This book is the definitive examination of health issues in black America—issues sadly overlooked and downplayed in our culture and society. I congratulate Drs. Braithwaite, Taylor, and Treadwell for their monumental book.» —Cornel West, PhD, professor, Princeton University

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Delbert Elliott The Prevention of Crime

The Prevention of Crime provides a unique and comprehensive overview of effective crime prevention programs, strategies and policies, demonstrating how criminological theories, research, and practice are interrelated. Offers the most cutting-edge, comprehensive summaries of effective interventions based on the latest research, by the foremost scholars on the topic of crime prevention in the U.S Provides unique practical information and discussions on how to effectively replicate prevention strategies in communities and criminal-justice settings is highly relevant to students, providing them with the latest research in this area Coverage of multiple theories of crime includes the more recent public-health and life-course developmental perspectives Includes a comprehensive review of the increasing number of effective crime prevention interventions and the practicalities of ensuring that these programs, practices and policies are effectively implemented, both in the U.S and in other countries Presents the most cutting-edge current and optimistic view regarding crime prevention: that it is possible to effectively reduce crime but that efforts need to start early in communities and continue through the life-course

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Alex Copello Brief Integrated Motivational Intervention. A Treatment Manual for Co-occuring Mental Health and Substance Use Problems

Brief Integrated Motivational Intervention provides clinicians and specialist practitioners with a brief, evidence-based treatment approach for motivating clients, who have comorbid mental health and alcohol and drug misuse. Combines CBT, motivational interviewing, and the authors’ own cognitive- behavioural integrated treatment (C-BIT) to engage clients in meaningful dialogue for change Utilizes the short ‘window of opportunity’ when clients are admitted to psychiatric hospital or have recently relapsed, and helps clinicians to maximize the potential of this ‘teachable moment’ Helpful tools such as session-specific content, illustrative case material and easy-to-use worksheets facilitate implementation of the approach across a range of settings including inpatient, community, and residential Developed by an expert team with many years of experience in both research and practice in the fields of psychosis and addiction

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Stehlik Jiri Mathematical and Computational Methods Algorithms in Biomechanics. Human Skeletal Systems

Cutting-edge solutions to current problems in orthopedics, supported by modeling and numerical analysis Despite the current successful methods and achievements of good joint implantations, it is essential to further optimize the shape of implants so they may better resist extreme long-term mechanical demands. This book provides the orthopedic, biomechanical, and mathematical basis for the simulation of surgical techniques in orthopedics. It focuses on the numerical modeling of total human joint replacements and simulation of their functions, along with the rigorous biomechanics of human joints and other skeletal parts. The book includes: An introduction to the anatomy and biomechanics of the human skeleton, biomaterials, and problems of alloarthroplasty The definition of selected simulated orthopedic problems Constructions of mathematical model problems of the biomechanics of the human skeleton and its parts Replacement parts of the human skeleton and corresponding mathematical model problems Detailed mathematical analyses of mathematical models based on functional analysis and finite element methods Biomechanical analyses of particular parts of the human skeleton, joints, and corresponding replacements A discussion of the problems of data processing from nuclear magnetic resonance imaging and computer tomography This timely book offers a wealth of information on the current research in this field. The theories presented are applied to specific problems of orthopedics. Numerical results are presented and discussed from both biomechanical and orthopedic points of view and treatment methods are also briefly addressed. Emphasis is placed on the variational approach to the investigated model problems while preserving the orthopedic nature of the investigated problems. The book also presents a study of algorithmic procedures based on these simulation models. This is a highly useful tool for designers, researchers, and manufacturers of joint implants who require the results of suggested experiments to improve existing shapes or to design new shapes. It also benefits graduate students in orthopedics, biomechanics, and applied mathematics.

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